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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Interview with Lovely Whitmore

Interview with Lovely Whitmore Best Indie Authors

1) Tell us about you. 

My name is Christina Worrell. You can call me Kristi though. I’m a married, mother of two, stay at home mom, starting my career in writing. I have read books since I could hold one in my hands. When I was nine I decided I just had to write, my imagination and dreams would take all day to explain. I won awards in various areas such as the Service Merchandise Student Writer’s Showcase in 1992. Then when I got to be a teen I wrote poetry. It was mostly the emotional angst kind. You can find it on I started writing stories by hand when I was 19, and now at 30, I have finally published one with Midnight Hour Publishing. It took me ten years of writing by hand and not giving up just to accomplish this dream. So never give up or you may never know your limits!
2) How long have you been writing?

Since I was a child. My teachers urged me to when they saw I had the talent. It runs in the family but I'm the only one to do anything with it. I was probably 9 when I first started. I thought music lyrics or poetry was my calling at first. It was hard to learn to write. I feel so gifted now. I can put out 20-30k words a day now. Which means a short story a day or a book a week, if I'm not distracted. I have to go slow though so my publisher can keep up lol. Since Feb. I have published 6 books.
3) Tell us about your book.

I have several so I will just tell you a little about two of them. My baby I have worked on for years now I just finally published. An Angels Ascent, 1st in the Faellin Angels Realm series. This book was harder to write then all the others. I put so much time into it I felt that I was losing something. I didn't edit as I went as I do now so I had to go back several times to do that. It's about a young woman who is very talented and successful for her age. She ran a Wiccan bookstore, was martial artist with several black belts, and one of the strongest witches in the entire USA. She did not know her father and her mother had died when she was a toddler. She didn't realize she was half goddess and the reincarnation of Mother Nature, Kali, who Angel would eventually mother. Angel will cause the apocalypse in the name of Kali who is pissed off at us. We are destroying her world and she is taking it back. Angel meets a metal band of vampires and the lead singer is Aries, who has the voice of a siren. He calls to the one woman who will lead only a handful of people into the new age. Angel has been fighting demons for some time so when she realizes her destiny it doesn't take her long to know it's all true and she must end what we know of life and protect an island full of people. She ascends into a higher being and reaches her full potential. When their daughter Kali is born she rips open doorways to other dimensions and now he mother Angel must protect her until she leans to use her powers to heal their world. A misfit band of protectors and Angel will end and save the world, and Angel will realize that she is meant for so much more...
Shade's Loss was a book that I threw out there just to learn how to self publish. I didn't think much of it at the time. I'd had this idea for sometime about a brother and sister with an unbreakable bond. I based the story on my brother Michael, whom I named one of the three main characters after. Shade has sacrificed and lost so much so when her brother is taken as well she doesn't want to go on... but she must. A vampire tracker, an assassin, must kill her brother who is a rogue werewolf and change Shade and make her a part of his world, but a demon attacks and kills her. A demon sent that was sent to kill him, Damon. Together Damon and Shade will learn to accept their destiny as soul mates and somehow survive. Michael must learn to let his sister go and realize he can't protect her anymore. Shade will see she doesn't need saving when she saves them all...

4) What made you write this book?

Shade's Loss I wrote to learn the craft, but it was close to my heart because it's the relationship I hope to have if I ever find my adopted brother. He is out there somewhere and someday I will find him. 
An Angels Ascent was something that took me awhile to understand. Kali must have needed me to write this because I didn't know what I was writing until it was written. She wanted me to share her anger, disappointment, and a lesson with the world... Kali is based on the Hindu goddess of  associated with empowerment, shakti. The name Kali comes fromkāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva. Kali means "the black one". Since Shiva is called Kāla—the eternal time—Kālī, his consort, also means "Time" or "Death" (as in time has come). Hence, Kāli is considered the goddess of time and change. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation still has some influence. Various Shakta Hindu cosmologies, as well as Shākta Tantric beliefs, worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman. She is also revered as Bhavatārini (literally "redeemer of the universe"). Comparatively recent devotional movements largely conceive Kāli as a benevolent mother goddess. At one time she was known as the mother of creation and destruction, mother earth. She can be loving but also full of death. She convinced me to share something of her and her beliefs and how the old gods/goddesses are returning. She wants us to understand why our world is no longer ours and why she is taking it back. I hope her story is one everyone will enjoy, through the eyes of Angel who will surely make you come to love the goddess as much as she will eventually.

5)  What age is your target for this book?

Young Adult is the target but Adults will love it to.My books target men and women generally as well. They are romance technically but they have plenty or action and some horror. My books are paranormal with a fantasy twist.

6) Have you always seen yourself as becoming a writer?

I knew one day I might achieve my goal, I fought hard to. At times I almost gave up. I'm 30 and I never stopped writing even though my dream seemed nearly impossible. I wrote over ten years by hand with pencil and paper. I had these ideas which I just had to write down or they'd be forever lost. I have about 20 books handwritten that I will type up over the next year so expect me to be putting them out faster than Steven King lol.

7) Do you write fulltime or do you have another job as well?

I work on my books up to 18 hours a day. I'm a full time mom as well so that leaves little personal time and sleeping. This dream of mine is finally coming to fulfillment and I'm so excited. I know it will take time but I'm not worried about being a best selling author although I do hope to be. I want all my books out and if I'm as good as I hope I am it won't take long at all to build my fans. I already have quite a few.

8) How long did it take you to finish this book?

Shade's Loss written, edited, and published took less than 6 weeks. An Angels Ascent was my first book I finished writing but I held on to it and kept editing and reworking it so in all it took years to write, edit, and finally publish...

9) was it easy for you to write or did you ever  get writers block?

I don't know what writer's block is lol, I mean I know the meaning but I have a billion stories aching to be written. I'm lucky and hope to never get it lol. I do however get memory loss and forget the word I wanna use. When I write it's like I don't know what I'm writing, it's more like a feeling. My fingers do the writing and I read as I go. I guess that doesn't make much sense but I truly never know the ending to my books. I just sit down and start writing. I don't know the characters unless they or a good idea is beating at me, which does happen. I have so much inside my head it's truly like another world, or realm and all these creatures, characters, places, and words HAVE TO be written. I don't write down blurbs or ideas usually I just sit and let my fingers tell their story. I got so much to share and hope readers will really enjoy it all. 

10) Read us your favorite feedback or review for your book.

This is a four star review. I have mainly five stars but two four stars and nothing less. I probably should share a five star review but this one is well written and shares some points I think others should hear. I don't know most of the reviewers and are friends with only one or two so these are not reviews by people who just love me and not the book. They are heart felt reviews with honesty... I do have to say this another author told me my book did not have enough details. I think some readers enjoy the details and some don't. Like this reviewer they want the juicy bits. I myself tend to skip a little the first time through a book and if it's good I go back and read every single word. This was an amazon review.

 Thoroughly Enjoyable! May 25, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
Shade's Loss is a thoroughly enjoyable read with lots of fast-paced action, sweet, tender moments and several twists and turns. From the moment the book opened, I immediately knew I'd like this book. Kristi Worrell has managed to create the lovely protagonist, Shade, into a believable character that is filled with heartbreaking sorrow, a strong will and at times sheer desperation to succeed.
Shade's Loss is most definitely an empowering story of a broken young woman's desire and perseverance to overcome the horrendous experiences from her past, and certainly by the end of the book Shade & Christina Worrell nailed it!
Damon's character, the hot vampire in the book, is pretty divine and equally complex. His character develops and changes throughout the story alongside Shade's. The relationship between the characters at times was a little bit strained, which made it that more believable. And what was equally refreshing, was that the characters weren't completely swept away with each other and took time to cement their relationship. Again, enter the realism!
Whilst I enjoyed the plot and character development, there were times that I was frustrated by the pace and some of the narrative description and detail; at these times, I had to hold off skimming ahead to the dialogue. This did not however, take away my enjoyment or appreciation of the book. I think that Christina Worrell has done an amazing job.

11) Where can we find your book if we wanted to buy it?

Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Smashwords. Here are some links:

12) Do you have a website or fan page for your fans to follow you on?  

My Facebook Page:        
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