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Thursday, June 7, 2012

7 Days of Kali ~ Faellin Angels Realm Book 2

Have you read An Angels Ascent? Want a little teaser for 

book 2? Here ya go!

Faellin Angels Realm Book Two ~ 7 Days of Kali (TEASER)

As a god I find myself outside human ideology and concern. I’m not THE CREATOR but I’m also not your garden variety deity. I hate that word. It sounds so self-righteous and pious. I can’t be thrown into a category or a list. There are not many gods and goddesses anymore either. Sadly they faded away into time. Not all are immortal either.
A long time ago I thought to hide myself and just merely survive, just be. I slept through many decades and centuries. As a shape shifter I’m the only one of my kind. True there are other shape shifters as old as me but none have god powers. None are gods or goddesses.
I can’t explain the different species to a mortal without going into major history. Suffice to say that you are not the only alpha beings here. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and much more walks among you. Your neighbors or bosses could be paranormal entities.
I have a very good reason for telling you all of this instead of doing my best to hide it. The world is ending very shortly because my daughter Angel is the reincarnation of my sister Kali. She is known by other names as well through history like Gaia and Mother Nature.
My name is Sen, I’m a god, and I fathered the half goddess that will bring about the apocalypse on December thirty first of twenty twelve.