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Friday, March 15, 2013

My Memory

Have you ever had that satisfying moment where you are content? You realize that in all your life, full of pain, misery, or loss that in this one moment your not and it feels so awesome that you simply savor it and your grateful for it. After losing two aunts in less than three months I know time has passed me by in a blink of an eye. I have reached that age where I look back and see all my mistakes and I see how I should have done things. You could say I was blind but now I see. I pushed myself so far from friends and family that I lost that completely. Don't misunderstand, I know I have friends and family who love me but I distanced myself so that no one could get close and truly know me. I finally found peace in being alone. It used to be a fear of mine. After having drama, chaos, and constant action it's a truly epic experience. I want to drown myself in solitude. I recently realized my religion was Paganism/Buddhism. I'm learning things about myself and obtaining that confidence to be open about it. I used to be suicidal, many know this bc of my Broken Angel Poetry. Now I face that very possibility after just getting the one thing I always dreamed of, love. So I guess I'm just letting the world know I'm alive and ok. Just learning to cope and adapt. I pushed out thirteen books in under a year so I think I deserve a break.


 Savor those moments too, they are so few.
 Love a little more, unlock and open those doors.
Free yourself from the grim reality all around you.
Let those wings reach for the heavens above.
Untie those self imposing bonds you long ago wove.
Breathe in the serenity that you've called upon.
Shake free of the pain and just move on.
Give this moment it's glory.
Each one it's own memorable story.
Soul deep, you shall wish to stay, within its bliss.
Sweet, silent as the rain droplet bestows a rose a kiss.
Rainbow colored images flashing behind closed eyes.
Your perfect dream, wished upon stars, slowly dies.
Giving way to half formed, tempting new desires.
Peel away the long dead layers.
Emerge from your dark past.
Escape the curse, now broken, ages ago cast.
Choose to live in this moment.
Making this your fondest memory yet.
03/14/13    ~Faellin Angel