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Monday, February 27, 2012

These are some of the things I make 
on Faellin Angels Store... stop by via the link below to check them out. Prices are beside the pic or msg!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

For those who have not yet had the chance of seeing this 
here is a link. It is of course my first video but I 
want everyone to be honest when they comment. It is also on youtube

Friday, February 24, 2012

This week has been so stressful, I feel like a living zombie that
has had no sleep lol at all. On one hand though I have gotten
quite a bit finished. I thank those who have answered my
many questions and walked me through this process. Without 
your help I know this would have taken me weeks longer. You know who you are but I will still say it! Kymberlee Burks-Miller, Willow Cross, and many others! Go like their pages and show them some love!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

So I read this and talked to a few other authors and think all new writers should definitely check this out. It makes a lot of sense and is compacted into one page. If you are in the middle of or considering writing then this is definitely worth twenty minutes or less of your time (depending on your read speed) and will help you in the long run... 
Visit me often for new ideas and helpful hints!

Shade's Loss

So I am working on the prizes and swag for Shade's Loss and if you have any ideas for me let me know. I will have various size signed cover pictures, jewelry, and bookmarks... here is the basic idea for Shade's necklace.
I will be looking for a charm over the next few days...

UNEDITED Teaser from Shade's Loss

Here is a few lines from  my book Shade's Loss. A story about a brother and sister torn apart by love in a world they never knew existed. Now Shade is on the run with her sire who is also her mate, both of which she is not ready for and may never be. Mikhail is bitten by his werewolf mate without any warning and has become a monster that cannot protect his sister any longer as he swore he would when their parents died. Now Mikhail has to allow an assassin vampire to turn his sister, bringing her into their shadow world where reality is a myth and anything can happen...    

  *Damon was conflicted internally. He was angry he had allowed her to get hurt, ashamed he had not told her sooner, and feared she would hate him or no longer trust him anymore. He would do whatever it took to earn her forgiveness and trust back.  He stared at the darkened horizon as he passed one car after another. Somehow he had come to not only love someone but need them in his macabre life. He had to just keep her there now. Keep her with him and keep her safe as they ran from demons and vampires who were hell bent on their deaths.* 

Shade's Loss Unedited Line

"Pain shattered her heart into a million tiny fragments leaving her breathless with an odd echo of screams within her head. " - Shade's Loss

(Unedited Version)
OKAY my muse has threatened to take my talent if I don't put it to good use and make this book shine! She says she will be personally insulted if I do not give it my best. So here goes and wish me luck... 
So this is my blog which apparently I HAVE to have... >.<
I have no idea what I am doing so feel free to leave me advice!
I am currently editing my first book to be published. It is taking me sooo long to get through it but I have faith that I can! Here are links to my pages. Go have a look!