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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Apparently the vamp that had turned my boyfriend, had 

company. I hoped it suffered before they took it down… if 

they had. I thought for a moment about sneaking out and 

going back and finishing it off or finding others. Fighting until 

fell in battle.I looked casually at them, knowing they were 

clueless of my former thoughts, and possible plans. I knew 

my snarky replies would not save me this time.

“A prisoner? Seriously? Have you lost that feeble mind of 


“It’s Dimitri,” I said, as if that explained it all. In my heart, as 

well as mind, it did that and somuch more. Saying his name 

made several emotions flow over me simultaneously.

“Of course, I’m not an idiot, Angelissa. Why’s he here?” 

Ian’s last sentence was said slowly so that he pronounced 

each word separately, emphasizing the word he.

I considered that myself and came up with no logical answer 

that mattered, or none that would matter to them. I refrained 

from shrugging this time. It was just as difficult as not 

speaking with my usual attitude.

Ash spoke then, which startled me, because I’d not only 

forgotten him but he was the last person in the world who’d 

defend me.

“She loves him, of course.” Ash said this as if it had just now 

occurred to him. It had probably run through his mind a few 

times but until now, until this, he’d never been totally sure. 

He had probably held some hope that I’d come back to him, 

I’d have some kind of epiphany. Not happening, it was 

Dimitri or death. 

Unfortunately the latter would be the only road to me, it was 

the journey that was undecided, how I would leave this world.

-Faellin Angel

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Raven Sings Dancing in the Sky

Raven sings for her Nanna in the hospital. She is asking for donations to help with medical bills. Please find it in your heart to like and share the video!