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Sunday, January 6, 2013

MTMC2 Fantasy Espacism: The community is divided, time to heal and help

MTMC2 Fantasy Espacism: The community is divided, time to heal and help: I sit here and read all the comments on the social media channels about the motives of individuals and choices we all decided to create in m...

This blog is one that should go global and I will try to do that now before I go relax. Catherine, my friend, is right. Society, people as a whole, are broken. So much violence and sadness. I see it this way because there are too many people in the world at the same time. By overcoming the obstacles such as plagues, we are changing destiny. We are expanding and extending our lives and clearly running out of space, resources, and time. Our children, grand children, will never know some of the beauty we have and what was here before us. Mother Nature is kind and loving but will not stand for her world to perish. I can't go into Wal-Mart without wishing I was home. Traffic is bad, all the things that harm the earth are multiplying with each birth. Each person is adding to the destruction. Now I have been attacked over something and the whole thing was handled unprofessionally and it shows me that there are criminals, mad men, and haters out there. People who want what others have, are greedy and selfish, and lose their minds over things that would have been handled ten times better fifty to a hundred years ago. Lately less people are worried about values and morals and more worried about their pockets and possessions. It's sick. We are a dying nation that has caused our own downfall and the evidence is before our eyes. Even the blind will see in time. Please share this blog by Catherine Mahoney.

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