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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Darker Demons©


I have fought bloody battles,
Thought of humans as my cattle.
Tasted of such delights,
Seen morbid and hellish sights.
But nothing in all my thousands of years,
Has ever brought me this close to tears.
Your beauty shines so bright,
It takes away my keen sight.
Your delicious smell calls me from far away,
Your makes me unbeating heart  sway.
Please tell me that you will be mine,
Asking you should be the sign.
Your dark looks unnerve me
So badly see...
I've never met a man,
Who so easily can...
Bring me to my knees,
Want to forever please...
Undo years of pure hatred,
We have to be fated,
To walk this world for millions of years...
I'll shed unlimitless tears 
Until I have you in my embrace,
Able to kiss your exotic face.
Share my world of gore,
I am so sure,
That with you I can be
What I use to see..
Tame and mild,
Surely not this wild.
I want you to teach me,
Help me be free.
Free from my darker demons,
Bloodthirsty Demons.

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