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Thursday, February 23, 2012

UNEDITED Teaser from Shade's Loss

Here is a few lines from  my book Shade's Loss. A story about a brother and sister torn apart by love in a world they never knew existed. Now Shade is on the run with her sire who is also her mate, both of which she is not ready for and may never be. Mikhail is bitten by his werewolf mate without any warning and has become a monster that cannot protect his sister any longer as he swore he would when their parents died. Now Mikhail has to allow an assassin vampire to turn his sister, bringing her into their shadow world where reality is a myth and anything can happen...    

  *Damon was conflicted internally. He was angry he had allowed her to get hurt, ashamed he had not told her sooner, and feared she would hate him or no longer trust him anymore. He would do whatever it took to earn her forgiveness and trust back.  He stared at the darkened horizon as he passed one car after another. Somehow he had come to not only love someone but need them in his macabre life. He had to just keep her there now. Keep her with him and keep her safe as they ran from demons and vampires who were hell bent on their deaths.* 

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